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Orityba · Eco-Camping in Brazil

Nature is home !

Welcome to Orityba Eco-camping!

Whether you are travelling as a family, as a couple, with friends or alone, and if you like hiking, surfing and nature, Orityba Eco-Camping is perfect for you!

The team is happy to welcome you all year round in the Sertão do Ubatumirim, in Ubatuba: the perfect destination to enjoy unforgettable holidays!

Are you looking for a magical place in the open air to organize a seminar or any other professional event, to celebrate a wedding or a birthday, or to hold a party? Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to make it a very special event for you and your guests! We can adapt our different spaces according to your needs, with respect for the surrounding nature. We study all proposals. Click here for more information!

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Orityba Eco-camping is part of an evolving ecotourism project, based on the respect for the environment and the discovery of nature.

Discover Brazil

The campground is situated in the Sertão do Ubatumirim, within the Mata Atlântica forest, halfway between Paraty and Ubatuba, in Brazil. The site is ideally located near the mountains, the sea and cultural sites all at once, which will allow you to enjoy a wide range of activities.

Holidays for all

Orityba Eco-camping welcomes you at the heart of a lush and protected natural environment, to offer you relaxing or sporting holidays, according to your wishes.

The Orityba project keeps evolving

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Overview of our camping and its surroundings