About Us – The Orityba Spirit


What does Orityba mean?

“Orityba” is a word of Tupi-Guarani origin (two indigenous tribes in Brazil) which literally means “happiness in abundance”. We wish you a very pleasant stay with us! 

Welcome to Orityba Eco-camping.

Come and enjoy a unique experience in the great outdoors!

Our campground is situated in the Sertão do Ubatumirim, a small neighborhood halfway between Paraty and Ubatuba, on the south-eastern coast of Brazil, at the heart of the Mata Atlântica forest (tropical rainforest on the Brazilian coastline).


Entry to the camping areas

The team

We are a group of friends of various origins with common values: we have created Orityba Eco-camping to promote environmental protection and a better quality of life.




Cássio: I am Carioca (from Rio de Janeiro). I am one of the joint managers of the Orityba project, and I am in charge of the back office and site development operations. I have extensive experience in bartending/hospitality, and I love nature, surfing and hiking. It’s a real pleasure to welcome you and help you discover this corner of paradise: Ubatuba!






Laurent (Lolo): I am originally from Cannes, in the South of France, but I lived abroad most of my life. With many rich and diverse experiences in mind, I have chosen Brazil to settle down with my family, in order to live in harmony with nature. I am curious and dynamic, I love plants and creating all sorts of objects and constructions. I am one of the joint managers of the Orityba project, and I am in charge of all the eco-friendly construction and site development operations. 





Magali: I was born in Aix-en-Provence, in the South of France, and I lived in many different countries. I embarked on the Brazilian adventure with Laurent, because I found the Orityba project original and genuine. A linguist by training, I manage the translation projects and our website. 






Emmanuelle: I was born in New Caledonia, a small French island in the South Pacific Ocean. Although I graduated as an English teacher, I wanted to take part in this adventure to share my love for nature and environmental protection. I am in charge of the Marketing field of the company.





Gabriel (Xavy): I am from Santana do Cariri, in the State of Ceara, but I live in Puruba, in Ubatuba. I work within the bio-construction team of the Orityba project. I love reading and outdoor activities, such as playing football, running and cycling.


Our project


Our fig tree ©Roger Cashew

We want to give you the opportunity to enjoy relaxing holidays in a protected haven of greenery, far from the noise and air pollution of urban life.

With our different backgrounds (Brazil, New Caledonia and France), we have decided to combine our skills and our love of nature to build our own campground at the heart of the tropical rainforest of the Sertão do Ubatumirim, while fully respecting our very generous natural environment.

Orityba Eco-camping is part of an evolving ecotourism project, based on the use of sustainable building practices and permaculture.