The “Sertão Do Ubatumirim” And Around


The Sertão do Ubatumirim is a small neighborhood known for its organic market garden production, its waterfalls and its hiking trails.

Some local traditional festive events are celebrated in this neighborhood, such as Cassava Day or Juçara Day (the seeds of this palm tree are used to prepare açaí, a famous Brazilian specialty, and its heart is used to prepare salads and other local dishes).

You will find in the Sertão do Ubatumirim a number of small businesses, bars, restaurants and snack-bars (Cantinho Caiçara, Delícias da Nelly…).

A health center is also situated 3 km away from the campground, should health care be needed.

Ubatumirim and Estaleiro beaches

Geographical location

In between mountains and sand beaches

The Sertão do Ubatumirim is the ideal place for ecotourism aficionados. Situated in between various sand beaches and mountains, a choice of activities in the heart of nature is available to all visitors looking for excitement and new discoveries or a return to roots.

Our campground is conveniently located 25 miles away from Paraty historical center (on the southern coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro), and 22 miles away from downtown Ubatuba (on the northern coast of the state of São Paulo). A regular bus service is available between Ubatuba and Ubatumirim.








When travelling in the direction of Paraty, you will have the opportunity to visit the “House of flour” (historical place where cassava flour is produced), numerous Quilombos (communities organized by descendants of African slaves or refugees), or cachaça distilleries.



When going to Ubatuba, you will pass along the coastline and gorgeous beaches, including the most famous beaches of Prumirim, Felix, Itamambuca and Vermelha.



Ubatuba ©Mauro Mitsuo Motozono

Ubatuba, a quiet city situated on the eastern coast of the state of São Paulo, becomes very animated during summer with the arrival of numerous tourists from all horizons. Ubatuba is a 4-hour drive from the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro respectively.

You will find in downtown Ubatuba a wide range of grocery and clothing stores, as well as many gift shops, a large choice of restaurants and bars, and a tourist information center. If need be, a number of health centers are available in the city, including Santa Casa public hospital.

For more information, please visit Ubatuba Secretariat of Tourism’s official website.